In an age where the term “multi-core” is used as a marketing buzzword for increased performance in mobile devices and games, power efficiency has become more important than ever.


CrossFirePower is a program that benchmarks the power usage of any application on your phone and provides accurate measurements of power efficiency. These measurements are collected over time to provide data on which apps are most efficient and which apps use the most power without providing an improved level of performance.

Using the power meter built into your Android phone, CrossFirePower is able to provide more accurate information than any other program on the Google Play Store.

We measure:

# of cores used

# of threads used

Clock speed

Device temperature (compared to ambient)

GPU clock speed for Android phones with discrete GPUs (GeForce and Adreno)These measurements are taken after running an application for a period of time as determined by the user in order to allow time for other processes to complete.


As there are different variations of Android, we have several versions of CrossFirePower. All have the same purpose but some hardware configurations may be more or less appropriate for your application.

The newest version is v3.1 with an option to select different Power Graphs for each app and a new Javascript API that will provide even deeper insight into how your phone’s resources are being used.

CrossFire Power is free, despite the fact that I’m making money from adverts on the app. It is fully compatible with Android 2.2 and later.

Version 3.0

v3 will be the first with the new Javascript API and a Log View that will display detailed data similar to the power meter you see in the app (but much more detailed).

I’m hoping to release v3 in July, but due to time constraints I’m aiming for January… I’ll keep you posted if this changes.

Version 2.0

v2.0 will be available in late August and will include the following updates:

More accurate readings from the power meter

A floating widget to provide you with quick details about how long your phone has been running, how many cores have been used, and how hot your phone is on those cores.

Version 1.1.1

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