How to find an online doctor in Australia

This is a fairly common question, so here are three ways to do it, depending on how much time you have, whether you’re good with computers or not, and how much money you have.

If you’ve got all the time in the world


The simplest way of course is to just walk into your doctor’s office and ask her for a referral, but if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and want to avoid an office appointment as much as possible, here are some other options.


Online directories

One way is to go to the web site of the country’s largest doctor search directory (which is probably Australian Doctor , which lists more than 135 000 doctors in Australia) and type in your search criteria there. This will give you a list of doctors who meet your description, along with their contact details – no web site or email necessary. If you have the time to spare, this may be the best approach for you if you don’t have any preferences as to location or gender when it comes to choosing a doctor.

The downside is that you’ll have to pay a fee of around $40 for their service, however if you search often enough you may be able to work it into your yearly cleaning or check-up – the more frequently you visit your online doctor in Australia, the more opportunities there are. You can also avoid this by getting a membership with one of the other directories listed below, where you can even set up a regular time for them to call and remind you.


Regularly scheduled phone consultations

The next best thing might be to sign up for one of the many regularly scheduled telephone consultations that are available in Australia (such as Healthy Fone ) – this will give you the same sort of advantages as regular doctor visits, as well as the added convenience of being able to arrange it at a time which is most convenient for you. This could be very useful if you work irregular hours and can’t always see your doctor during set office hours, or if you simply prefer to talk about sensitive issues face-to-face over the phone.

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