Know why your aircon is leaking water

The aircon is one of the most important elements inside the home as it provides a relaxing and comforting environment inside the home. The primary job of an aircon is removing moisture from the room and providing a feeling of comfort. Aircon has become a necessity for many people and it is found in many schools, colleges and offices. It is very important to take care of your aircon in the best way so that it doesn’t create any kind of issues or stop working suddenly. The most common issue that takes place with the aircon is water leaking from them. If you find water leaking from your aircon, you should immediately call a professional for help. Never try to fix the issue yourself by watching some videos online. You need to know that a professional who is trained and qualified in this field would be able to handle the issue effectively. Due to their expertise in this field, the professional would do a thorough inspection of the aircon unit and would let you know why your aircon is leaking water. Below are a few reasons why your aircon is leaking water:

Improperly installed

If the aircon is not installed properly then water can leak from them.


Icing up

If there is an issue with the aircon then water being dehumidified can turn into ice. There are various reasons for aircon to produce ice. If ice is present on the cooling coil then you probably need an aircon service.


Air leakage around aircon

If warm air enters around the aircon then it will encounter dryer, cooler air. Condensation will occur when they meet. If there is water leakage from the front of aircon then inspection is necessary to know if dripping from the body of the machine or if water droplets are clinging to the front area. Small water droplets indicate an air leakage issue.

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