Budget and Operational Plan 2014-15

Council adopted the 2014-15 Operational Plan, Budget and Schedule of Fees and Charges at the Council meeting of 24 June 2014.

The adopted Operational Plan, Budget and Fees and Charges Schedule are on this page in the Budget papers section. You can see the Council report at: Council Business Papers(External link)

The following is the information we posted as part of the consultations.

We want to know your ideas on what we have planned for the coming year.

Randwick City Council’s draft $158 million 2014-15 Budget and Operational Plan will maintain our record $32 million direct investment in capital works, which includes road resurfacing, new footpaths, parks and building upgrades across Randwick City.

Some of the highlights of the budget include $4.3 million to build new public toilets, showers and changerooms at Coogee Beach on the lower promenade where the Lifeguard office is located, $3 million to upgrade Coogee Bay Road and bury powerlines, $800,000 to extend the Coastal Walkway, a new Council website, an upgrade to the Mahon Pool toilets and changerooms in Maroubra, $100,000 to refurbish the La Perouse Museum and $280,000 to install a stormwater harvesting system at Maroubra Beach. Check out our special budget newsletter(External link) for a snapshot.


  • Draft 2014-15 Budget
  • Draft 2014-15 Operational Plan
  • Draft 2014-15 Fees & Charges

Check out what is planned for your suburb:

  • Coogee & South Coogee
  • Kensington
  • Kingsford
  • Malabar
  • Maroubra
  • Matraville and Chifley
  • Phillip Bay, Little Bay and La Perouse
  • Randwick and Clovelly

You can let us know your thoughts by sending a submission through this site or by joining in the community conversation on our discussion forum.

The deadline for comments and submisions is 3 June 2014.

You can also see hard copies of the Budget documents at Council’s Customer Services Centre, 30 Frances Street


Chifley Playground

New Playground for Chilfley Reserve.

Nominations for the working group have now closed.

We are looking for parents who would like to be part of a working group to help develop the design and chose equipment for a new playground in Chifley Reserve.

Randwick City Council wants the new playground to cater for children of all abilities.We aim to design and build a playground for children with and without disabilities, where they have opportunities to play together, one that encourages all children to explore, imagine, create, learn and just have fun playing with friends.

For the working group we are specially looking for:

  • parents living in Matraville or La Perouse and surrounding suburbs
  • and parents living in Randwick City who have a child with special needs.

The working group will have local parents, parents of children with special needs, disability support specialists and Council staff who are playground designers. It is anticipated that the working group will meet three to four times between October and December 2014.

You can nominate to be part of the working group here.


Chifley Skate Park

Randwick City Council is building a new $700,000 skate park in Chifley Reserve, off Bunnerong Road.

To help design the new skate park, Council set up an advisory group of local experienced skaters, skate park design specialists and Council landscape designers.

This group developed the design for this exciting new facility.The skate park will include a pump hump, euro gap, hubbas, grind rails, a boomerang bowl, taco, transitions, and a wedge bank with hubas. The designs have been presented at the local precinct committees meetings at La Perouse and Matraville.

The design includes shelter and weather screening, seating and landscaping with native plants.

The simple robust modular shade structure and laser cut steel screening walls will now use skate silhouette images.

See the artist perspectives and have a look at rhe indicative drawings and plans for further information.

The inclusion of a skate park in Chifley Reserve was an outcome of the community consultations undertaken in development of the Chifley Reserve Plan of Management.

You are invited to  Ask questions of Council about the plans up to 15 September 2014.

Thank you to everyone who asked a question. We will be responding to the final questions over the next fortnight.


Community Light Rail Support Plan Committee (CLRSPC)

The Community Light Rail Support Plan Committee (CLRSPC) is a voluntary committee convened by Randwick City Council comprising resident and business representatives from across Randwick City.

The Committee is one component of Council’s overall community consultation framework regarding the State Government’s project to build light rail in Randwick City.

The Committee’s purpose is to give Council objective and constructive feedback on how Council can assist locals during the implementation of light rail.

This website is a public forum for members of the Committee to discuss matters, ask questions and download reference documents.


Draft s94A Plan 2015 and draft DCP amendments

Have your say on our new draft Section 94A Development Contributions Plan (s94A Plan) and draft DCP amendments

The new draft s94A Plan 2015 is on public exhibition for community comment until Friday 13 February 2015. It gives details of proposed developer levies and the funding for new and ongoing capital works projects including:

  • Support measures associated with the City/South East Light Rail
  • Undergrounding of overhead power lines in Kingsford Town Centre
  • Upgrades to the La Perouse Museum and Randwick Literary Institute
  • Bunnerong Gymnastics Centre and Heffron Park Indoor Sports Centre, and
  • Harvesting storm water.

The draft s94A Plan also includes a revised map and population projections based on recently released statistical data.

To support the draft s94A Plan, Council also resolved to exhibit amendments to the Randwick Development Control Plan (draft DCP) to introduce new controls on the undergrounding of overhead power lines in Kingsford Town Centre and in other areas in Randwick City.

You can make submissions:

  • through the submissions function on this site
  • by email to link)
  • by mail to General Manager, Randwick City Council, 30 Frances Street Randwick NSW 2031.

Full details of the new draft s94A Plan, the draft DCP and associated Council reports are in the Documents Library of this site.

For more information contact Asanthika Kappagoda, Senior Strategic Planner on 9399 0849.


Kitchen food scraps

Consultation has concluded.

Food scraps survey-Thank you!Thank you for completing the food scraps survey. We’ve had an overwhelming response with over 8300 completed surveys returned. This is the largest response to a Randwick City Council community survey ever. The survey showed overwhelming support from our community for kitchen waste recycling. You can download a full copy of the report from this site.

Food scraps collection service

Since November 2013, Randwick City Council has been trialling food scraps collection. Some 4,900 units participated and we have collected 60 tonnes of food waste so far.

About 40% garbage bin content is food waste and by recycling food waste, we can reduce landfill costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Food waste can be recycled as compost and used to generate electricity.

The NSW Government has a target to increase the recycling rate for solid waste to 70% by 2021-22. Food waste recycling can help meet this target, reduce costs and give an environmental benefit.

Information for food scraps trial participants

Compostable Bin liners

You can pick these up during working hours from:

  • Administrative Centre, 30 Frances Street, Randwick
  • Randwick Community Centre, 30 Munda Street, Randwick
  • Randwick Recycling Centre, 72 Perry Street, Matraville
  • Bowen Library and Community Centre, 669-673 Anzac Parade, Maroubra
  • Margaret Martin Library, Level 1, Royal Randwick Shopping Centre, Randwick
  • Malabar Library, 1203 Anzac Parade, Matraville.

Kitchen benchtop bins/caddies

If you have moved into a unit block that has food scraps collection service and need a kitchen caddy, contact Council on 1300 722 542.

A caddy makes it easy to source separate and store your food scraps for recycling and works well with the compostable bags.


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ARTpark Australia Presents Iron Bronze Sculptures

Sculpture in Australia is a great way to celebrate the country’s cultural heritage. From the National Gallery to the Royal Botanic Gardens, the nation’s cities and towns display the work of a diverse group of artists. In addition to their individual works, many public and private collections house their work.

The ARTpark Bronze sculpture is a popular material for contemporary sculpture. Its flexibility allows for it to be cast into nearly any form. ARTpark Australia only represents sculptural work of the highest quality. Each bronze sculpture is forged in one of Australia’s leading metal foundries. Its craftsmanship ensures that the piece will last for generations to come

The public is invited to the exhibition, which is free and open to the public. It will be located next to City Hall, 3600 86th Street. There are four different artists represented. Visitors are welcome to view the sculptures in person, and the exhibition will continue throughout the year. The exhibition will include sculptures by three local artists.

Besides the bronze sculpture on display at ARTpark, four other life-size versions of the sculpture can be seen throughout the world. The four other statues can be found in the headquarters of Lions Clubs International, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and the Royal Tropical Institute in the Netherlands.

On the Mornington Peninsula, there are a number of sculpture parks that are home to works by local and international artists. The sculpture park at Point Leo Estate is one such park. The park is due to open later this year. There is also a sculpture garden on the Mornington Peninsula, which is a place where you can see the works of many Australian artists.

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ACT Solar Rebate

As the cost of electric bills continues to rise, solar power is becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners. While the initial investment can be costly, several solar rebates and incentives are available to offset the expense.

The ACT solar rebate is a government initiative to encourage the uptake of solar power in the ACT. The rebate is available to households and businesses that install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The rebate is a one-time payment of $650 per kilowatt (kW) of installed capacity, up to a maximum of $5000. The rebate is paid directly to the customer by their electricity retailer.

Benefits Of ACT Solar Rebate

The solar industry in the United States is booming, and ACT is leading the charge with its solar rebate program. The program offers a rebate of up to $1,000 for installing solar panels for homes and businesses. This rebate has helped to make solar more affordable for ACT residents and has spurred the growth of the solar industry in the region.

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The Canberra solar rebate has been a great success and has provided many benefits to the people of the region. If you are considering going solar, be sure to take advantage of the rebate program to save money on your installation.


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Check To See If There Are Any Hidden Fees Or Costs

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Apply for Paid Parental Leave

As a working parent, managing your time and finances can be a difficult juggling act. The good news is that the Australian government offers a Paid Parental Leave scheme to help ease the financial burden of taking time off work to care for a newborn or adopted child.

To be eligible for the Paid Parental Leave scheme, you must have worked for at least 10 of the 13 months before the baby is born or placed with you for adoption and have at least 330 days of work (including paid leave) in the 10 months before the baby is born or placed with you. You must also earn less than $150,000 a year.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for government paid parental leave by filling out an application form and sending it to the Family Assistance Office. The leave can be taken any time within the first year after the baby is born or placed with you for adoption.

Steps on how to apply for paid parental leave

When it comes to paid parental leave, Australia is one of the most generous countries in the world. Here are the steps you need to take to apply for paid parental leave in Australia:

  1. Eligibility

To be eligible for paid parental leave in Australia, you must have:

  • been working for your employer for at least 12 months before the birth or adoption of your child
  • have or expect to have primary responsibility for the care of your child
  1. Application process

To apply for paid parental leave, you will need to:

  • provide your employer with a completed parental leave form
  • provide your employer with a copy of your child’s birth certificate or adoption papers
  1. Length of leave

Paid parental leave in Australia is paid for a maximum of 18

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