The Benefits of Crypto PR With Mooning

Crypto PR with Mooning is a PR service for cryptocurrency advertisements, which is a platform that provides crypto and currency news, videos, trading signals. There are many ways to advertise on this website including article submissions, banner advertising or social media. 

You can see for Crypto PR with Mooning through the following benefits;

  1. Use the Cryptopro platform for free

If you have an article related to coins and blockchain technology, Crypto PR with Mooning will help you to promote your news on a cost-free basis. Besides, there is no need to pay in advance if you will be accepted by the system. The website has a lot of advertising locations, including Google Adsense, Facebook Advertising Promotion or other.

  1. Receive an advertisement code

With this code, you can advertise in a cost-free way. You can put the advertisement code on your website or any media sites. Crypto PR with Mooning will give you a unique advertising code. This advertisement is not only shown by Google Adsense or Facebook but also on Crypto PR with Mooning itself. There are five types of ad spaces to advertise your content and ICO, including the top bar, the sidebar and the bottom bar that provide different rates for different locations. If users click your ads, you will directly go to the Crypto PR with Mooning platform to get payment by using ETH and BTC as payment methods.

  1. Choose your advertisement time

You can choose the advertisement time. Regardless of the number of followers or comments on the crypto advertisements, you will be able to earn tokens. Crypto PR with Mooning will calculate based on followers and visitors to determine whether your advertising is effective or not. If it is effective, you will get a high rate of cryptocurrency tokens while if it is not so effective, you will not earn as much. Besides, there are different rates offered for each advertisement time .

  1. Participate in paid advertisement

Besides free advertising, you also have opportunities for paid advertising. Paid advertisement is to promote a certain ICO project by paying for the advertising budget. You can see that there are six conditions to upload ICO information which are an ICO name, an ICO website, an ICO platform, an ICO team member, an ICO investor pool and some information about how users can participate in the coin-offering campaign. The procedure of uploading your project needs to be reviewed before it is accepted. If your project is accepted, you will be able to promote it. If it is not accepted, you will get a notification soon.

  1. Learn from successful ICOs

Crypto PR with Mooning provides ICO project introduction videos, which allows users to learn more about successful ICO projects and get inspiration from them. You can see a lot of different ICO project videos that include introduction, background and financial information about each. You will also learn about successful ICOs.

  1. Zero transaction fee for advertising-related services

The main function of Crypto PR with Mooning is to accept advertising-related cryptocurrency tokens as payment for its services and activities. By applying for this service, you can get transaction fee free advertisement from the platform itself excluding such fees as gas, gas price, gas limit or gas required.

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