Are electricians expensive in Australia?

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Electricians can be fairly expensive in Australia. This can be a significant burden for some people. But are electricians expensive in Australia? There is no single answer to this question because labour rates and the cost of materials vary by region. To determine if electricians are expensive in your area, you should consult with your local contractors about their rates for the specific services that you need.

Types of Electricians

There are three types of electricians – general, specialty, and residential. In Australia, general contractors charge more than specialty and residential contractors. The cost of labor, raw materials, equipment, and other factors will determine the price range you pay for your project. The cost of labor is the lowest variable cost to a contractor because most projects can be completed in a day’s work or two days’ work. If you want to do a project right and correctly, the cost of materials should be comparable to labor costs for that type of job. The more complex the project, the more skilled and experienced the electrician will need to be.


How Much Labour Is Expensive?

The cost of labour in Australia is relatively expensive. Generally, electricians charge around $100 per hour for an apprentice electrician and $150 per hour for a qualified tradesman or journeyman electrician on average. This is only the cost of labor, not the cost of materials. The average hourly rate for an electrician in Australia is $40 per hour. If you need your house rewired, this is a difficult and time-consuming project. You can expect to spend at least one month or more on the project if you hire a professional electrician. In addition to that, you will have to collect all the materials yourself and then take them over to your home and lay out everything with proper labeling and safety measures. The cost of materials will depend on the complexity of your project. The materials could range from $150 to $10,000 or more.


How Much Does It Cost?

The price per project can vary significantly based on what you need to be done and where you live. For example, if you want to install a new electrical panel, you will want a qualified electrician who has experience with that type of project and knows how many wires, outlets, and circuit breakers are required. The job will cost more if it is complicated. If you want to do a rewire, you should hire someone from an electricians union because they may be able to save you money. Their experienced electrician will lower the price of labor by using simple wiring methods that are cheaper than more complicated wiring plans. If you choose a general contractor for your project, this will increase the cost of your project by 30 percent or more because general contractors charge more than qualified tradesmen and journeymen.

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