Are gel blasters legal in Australia?

Written by: iannapatt

For many people, summer means going to the beach, spending time with friends and family, and going outside to play games, read a book, or enjoy the sunshine. For any parent, it means taking precautions to keep their children safe. In Australia, it’s important to note that gel blasters aren’t technically toys, so they aren’t subject to the same regulations as other products. This means that gel blasters are legal in Australia as long as they comply with the Consumer Protection Regulations.

Why are gel blasters not regulated in Australia?


There are a few reasons why gel blasters aren’t subject to the same regulations as other toys. One crucial factor is that countries regulate toys differently. In Australia, we rely on the manufacturer to ensure products are safe to use, not the government. The Consumer Protection Regulations, which apply to gel blasters, were introduced by the Australian Parliament to enforce stricter consumer goods regulations. So while gel blasters aren’t toys, they are subject to the same regulations as household chemicals, power tools, and other products used in daily life.


Is it illegal to buy or sell a gel blaster in Australia?


Yes, it is illegal to purchase or sell a gel blaster in Australia. There is also a risk of being charged with possession of an unauthorized Military Weapon if you attempt to bring one into the country.


Where can you use a gel blaster in Australia?


Gel blasters are only allowed on private property and public beaches with a permit. Therefore gel blasters Australia legal, you can’t take them to a park, beach, or another public place. Ensure you read the manufacturer’s instructions before accepting your blaster to a public place. If you’re unsure whether the place you’re going to is private or public, ask the owner or manager before heading there. Another thing to keep in mind is that while most gel blasters shoot up to 100 feet, they can still cause injury if you’re not careful.



Although gel blasters aren’t toys, they are not illegal in Australia as long as they are used responsibly. Parents should be careful not to let their children play with them unsupervised. While they are fun to shoot in the backyard, they are dangerous if misused.


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